Sunday, May 13, 2012

day three hundred & sixty-five!!!!



Miss Flying V said...

Congratulations! I enjoyed your posts so much! Is this really the end of the journey or will you continue blogging about this or another project? Please don't stop! :)

helen tilston said...

Hello Carolynn Cecilia

A big applause for your 365 days of good deeds. I, like Miss Flying V, loved hearing about your wondrous deeds.

I would miss you very much if you discontinue.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your goodness. May the angels always walk with you.
Helen xx

sarah nadine said...

365 days! kudos to you and this project.

i, as well, have enjoyed your posts. looking forward to what you will share next ... !!!


Danielle said...

Carolynn Cecilia,
Thank you so much for such an inspirational blog. I, too try and do a good deed everyday, but definitely find myself getting frustrated with the petty things in life. You have inspired me to start my own good deed blog. To track my journey and keep myself in check. Thank you so much! And good luck continuing your journey.

helen tilston said...

Hello my friend

I hope all is well with you

I miss you and your inspiring post

Helen xx

Mallon Khan said...

Congratulations. This is such a beautiful thing. said...

hey lady. i kind of disappeared from the blog world, but i kept checking in and thought i'd finally leave a comment. congrats on all of your good deeds. i'll always think of you when i see my fantastic j. crew dress hanging in the closet. you are amazing! xo.

ps. my life went to shit so i'm starting a new blog which is why you probably couldn't find me ;)